Madison County Department of Development Services requests your participation in a survey to determine needs for Internet improvement.
 Madison County has identified high speed Internet as one of our most critical needs at this time. High Speed Internet will help to influence our future quality of life, economic development, improved healthcare services, and educational opportunities for each citizen. We realize that this is a big task and cannot be completed in one day. This survey is our first major step toward our primary goal of helping everyone to opportunities for improved and expanded broadband Internet connectivity in Madison County.
We highly appreciate your time in taking this survey.
Do you currently have Internet access? *

If you answered no to the answer above-
Why don't you have Internet access?
If you answered "yes" please type N/A if you answered no please provide a short explanation. *

Are you answering this survey based on your: *

What type of Internet service do you have? *

For your primary uses, do you have sufficient speed with your Internet service? *

If you are dissatisfied with your Internet service, please check the reason for your dissatisfaction. *

If you are dissatisfied with your Internet service, for which activities do you find your Internet connection to be too slow? *

If high-speed Internet access were available how much would you be willing to pay for the service? *

What is your physical address? *

We promise your address will only be used to help us determine underserved areas of the county. We must be able to show where service is underserved or not currently located.
Are you reporting for New or Existing Businesses? Please press "Continue" or "Enter" to answer business based questions.

If you are only reporting home Internet issues please submit survey.
What is your business type?

Would you please provide the number of employees that you currently have?

What is your 3-5 year projected employee growth?

What do you use Internet service for primarily in your business?

Thank you for participating in this survey.
Please share the importance of this survey with your Madison County friends and family!
If you have any questions or comments please add them below.

By participating in this survey, you are agreeing that Madison County and the NC Broadband Infrastructure Office may seek to contact you to follow up on your service request. In addition, your information may be used to analyze pockets of broadband service requests around the state. This information may be shared with relevant broadband service providers or community planners in an effort to identify service solutions.
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